Walk Hard director Jake Kasdan has found the leading lady for his upcoming film Bad Teacher, and it’s none other than Cameron Diaz.

In the (apparently) raunchy film, Diaz will play a foulmouthed, money-hungry middle-school teacher who gets dumped by her boyfriend. Eager to find someone else immediately she starts to fight with a coworker for the eye of a male colleague, who’s apparently the very definition of a perfect teacher. It’s safe to say that hijinks ensue.

The story was penned by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the co-writers (with Harold Ramis) of Year One, as well as over a dozen episodes of The Office. The newer, sillier ones.

Filming will start in LA in the spring. Not much else to report here, but we can always use a good sexy teacher film. I was just reminded of how exciting it was as a kid to see Tia Carrere play a dirty teacher in My Teacher’s Wife, even though the movie was terrible and they used a body double for all the nudity. Course, we’ll see how raunchy Bad Teacher gets…

Via Variety.