My Official Statement on the New Line Decision.

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from friends and readers congratulating me on New Line Cinema’s “demise” in the wake of dozens of wrong decisions made pretty much on every level since The Lord of the Rings ended. Because MEG, the movie I was involved with at the studio got manhandled. Well I’m sorry to report that while that situation was less than desirable I don’t like the thought of a studio, ANY STUDIO going out so feebly. MEG was just not meant to be at the time. I believe that too. The film was not meant to be. Not then. Not there. Maybe some other time in some other place with some other people, but the MEG we would have made under that situation probably wouldn’t have been the MEG we wanted to make when we first put a team together anyhow.

Actually, my only contact at New Line who had any regularity of communicating with me, Jeff Katz… is nothing less than a true gentleman and a great guy. He’s over at Fox now and I have no doubts his fingerprints on some projects is going to lead to some excellent films. A great guy and fun to shoot in the face at Halo.

I’ll miss New Line. I won’t miss certain people at New Line and I won’t miss any future shitty movies they might have made, but the fact remains that they made some truly terrific and influential films in their day and we can always use more film studios, not less.

So, rest in peace. I hold no grudge and if I meet Robert Shaye in a dark alley I promise that I won’t sic my giant mutated shark on him. Just as long as he doesn’t try and get me to watch The Last Mimzy we’re cool.

- Nick Nunziata is at peace.