I’m the first person to use ‘friend request’ in a headline about someone getting cast in The Social Network, David Fincher’s Facebook movie, right? Right?

Anyway, Rashida Jones is the latest person to join the cast and, although I have the script here on my computer, I ain’t read it so I don’t know who she’s playing. Sorry, gang. Someone said they thought she might be playing Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend Priscilla Chan, but that seems ethnically unlikely. Although the idea of a woman who is half-white and half-black playing an Asian is just the sort of post-modern melting pot casting that seems weirdly inspired.

Whoever she is, she’s the latest funny person added to the mix, which looks to be Fincher’s lightest film since Zodiac. The Social Network is filming right now here in the City of Angels.

Man, remember when everybody though that Facebook: The Movie was a dumb idea?

via Variety

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