UPDATE: Thanks to Don S, who pointed out that Comics Continuum has the entire images of toys in the Iron Man 2 line, and they include a ‘Comic Series’ of toys, which Crimson Dynamo is in. So no, this is not a design for the movie.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: toys and other merch tie-ins are the enemy of motion picture secrecy. Every time a big event movie is on the horizon characters get revealed through toy images. It just happened with the new Freddy Kreuger and now it’s happening with… Crimson Dynamo?

Collider has a picture of a Crimson Dynamo figure in Iron Man 2 packaging; what’s intriguing is that Dynamo supposedly isn’t in the film. Mickey Rourke plays a character with Dynamo elements to his story, but he’s Whiplash. Unless it turns out that Whiplash ends up in a full suit of armor in act three. There was a lot of confusion in the pre-production period about who Rourke would be playing, and I heard from some folks that it was the Crimson Dynamo. Maybe that part of his identity has been under wraps. If that’s the case, and this is the armor, his armor is remarkably faithful to the comic book.

But I have some doubts. Collider also has a picture of a War Machine toy, and that toy resembles the comic slightly more than the movie (it has dual shoulder mounts, the film version seems to have only one). Is it possible that these figures are being stuck into an Iron Man 2 toy line just to have more toys to sell?

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I guess the real test of this is whether or  not websites start getting letters asking that the images be yanked.