A poster and a single image from Tron: Legacy have hit the web via UK Site HeyUGuys. The poster is something like what you would expect; symmetrical and simple but with that sophisticated bit of texture to make it look modern- essentially any second run of an Apple campaign.

The still is even more stark giving us a small look at the world and the suits- though nothing we haven’t seen. As a production design nerd, I played with the shadows to see what might be there and the photo contains a decent amount of detail, as you can see below (**aaaaand Russ at /Film had the same idea, but my ‘shop is better. I’ll be challenging him to a photoshopoff **).

It’s always amazing to see the level of intricacy and care put into Hollywood sets, especially when you are able to take a single image and pore over it. These are details that took hours/days/weeks and may be in the film only a split second- or not at all. In this case the detail is mostly lost to lighting and post-aesthetic. That’s what sets the big budget stuff apart though (at least in Prod. Design terms)- you may never see these minute details, but if they weren’t there in the shadows you would know it.

It’s going to be rough waiting for Tron: Legacy to hit in a year (Dec. 17th). It’s quickly becoming one of my most anticipated films for 2010. You can hit the pictures above for the High-Res images, HeyUGuys.

Wrap your parts in glow tape on the MESSAGE BOARD