Danny Glover, Patricia Clarkson, Madeleine Martin, Devon Graye and current WWE Champ, John Cena, are set to join the cast of Brother’s Keeper, a family drama being readied by WWE Films.  Film is about a teenage boy (Graye) who tries to reunite his mother
(Clarkson) and estranged older brother (Cena) 10 years after the
death of their father, a state college wrestling legend. A
brilliant student with no apparent athletic talents, the teenager
decides to join the high school wrestling team as a way to pull the
family together.
  Mel Damski (Mischief) will direct and John Posey is scripting.

Picture marks a departure for both WWE Films, whose theatrical films haven’t exactly bodyslammed the box office, and Cena, who has starred in two of those films, 12 Rounds and the delightfully ludicrous The Marine.  WWE Films’ projects have mostly been actioners, including Stone Cold Steve Austin’s The Condemned (also delightfully ludicrous).  And since the brand is trying to go more family-friendly in the ring, it makes since that that wuld also translate on the silver screen. 

Cena could still turn out to be a viable action star, but taking this supporting role in a drama certainly couldn’t hurt his onscreen development.

via THR.com

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