It shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that Lance Henriksen will be lending his voice to the upcoming Aliens Vs. Predator video game reboot, as not only is the man a huge presence in video games (appearing in Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect, Gun, etc.) but he just can’t seem to say no to a gig. Just check out his last few years of work. You milk that voice, Lance!

But the big news here is that he’s actually going to be playing Bishop! Or, a descendant of Bishop, anyway. See, Charles Bishop Weyland was the founder of the Weyland-Yutani corporation that was up to no good in the Aliens films, and now Lance will be playing Karl Bishop Weyland, Charles’ descendant. He’ll be lending his voice and likeness to the character.

They also sent over this somewhat goofy in-game model of his character. What kind of lighting were you going for there?

“They’ve made me look very good,” said Lance Henriksen, “This is the first time I’ve been fully represented in a game, with my voice and how I look, and the Rebellion guys have done a great job. I might score from this game!”

Might… score? I don’t want to live in a world where Lance muthafuckin’ Henriksen needs a game to “score”, or even uses that phrase. Damn you PR folks!

Anyway, the game itself is looking fantastic and if you never played the original Aliens Vs. Predator before the movies ruined the brand you still should, it was one of the more effective first person shooters of its time. Don’t expect it to look great though, as it has been a whole decade.

This reboot will have some of the same gimmicks, like three separate campaigns for each faction (humans, aliens and predators) as well as online multiplayer and co-op! Like many other recent gory titles the game’s already been denied classification in Australia. What’s going on over there, Aussies?

Expect it to hit our shores first quarter 2010.

Hope Lance meets up with an Alien Queen at some point on our messageboards!