Platinum Dunes’ remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is engaged in reshoots right now, following a round of test screenings in the Los Angeles area. The reshoots are big enough to require new casting, as laid out on the SpoilerTV site, so it looks like scenes are being added to the story.

I don’t know what the official numbers were from the test screening score cards, but the reactions I heard were mixed to negative. The scene that SpoilerTV has info on doesn’t look to be Freddy-centric – it’s a scene set at a diner where Nancy works – but anything that helps get the movie up to fighting weight is good.

Here’s where I make a comment I make often when it comes to reshoots: they’re not always a big deal. Woody Allen budgets for reshoots (or ‘additional shooting’) because once the film gets into the editing room he may see holes that need to be patched. There’s an all-too common idea that reshoots are the sign of a film in trouble, and that’s not always the case. It could be the case here, but it could also be that test screening audiences clued Platinum Dunes in to a thing or two that needed to be changed or added.