The Bear Jew recently spoke with MTV about several of his upcoming projects, including his next directorial freature Endangered Species, and a film he is producing, Invasion. It’s gotten a little tough to tell where one project ends and another begins as they are similarly described as destructive, apocalypticish, sci-fi blow-outs citing Cloverfield as an influence.

Endangered Species has been on Roth’s docket for awhile, though no idea of the story has yet emerged. Apparently the script – influenced by Michale Bay and Transformers along with Cloverfield– is currently being updated based on a few suggestions from a typical Roth collaborator…

“Quentin actually loved the draft and had some really great suggestions, so I’m tweaking the script… And I’m working out some visual effects tests, which is going to determine how I shoot it.”

MTV specifically mentions Roth being “loath to spill any plot specifics” so lips are still tight and details are still scant- save for a mention of an “urban setting” and “an undisclosed adversary.”

I’ve spoken with a few interesting and informed people lately and I’m here to tell you folks, get used to hearing that plot description- you’ll be hearing it bunches in the next year or two.

Invasion includes an environmental point of view and will center heavily around whatever design aesthetic is developed for the film…

“We want directors who have real visual style… t’s not a hand-held movie. In the way that they took Ridley Scott from commercials and went into Alien and that movie was so much about the design. This movie will be very much influenced by someone who has a real understanding of science fiction and sense of design.”

Both of these flicks will start gathering steam next year and, unless every Sci-Fi flick of 2010/2011 tries to emulate the secretive marketing campaign of Cloverfield (which may very well be the case), we should hear something about something at some point.

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Source | MTV on Endangered Species and Invasion