20th Century Fox just released two new featurettes for Avatar, a little movie you might have heard something about. We’re just a week away at this point and the hype machine just keeps on rolling.

First up, a story featurette. Personally, I feel like I know every beat of the film just from that trailer that showed off every damn plot point. Nothing terribly new is revealed here but it looks like there’s a few bits of new footage, and you can laugh at Cameron saying he doesn’t like the film being pigeonholed and then doing it himself in the same sentence.

Secondly there’s a featurette about Avatar‘s world Pandora which is narrated by Sigourney Weaver and is far more fascinating, providing a great look at the unique flora and (mostly violent) fauna of the world. Check it out on the French Studio Canal site and try not to wonder why you suddenly want a Coke Zero.

Hope for a good film on our messageboards.