Sometimes you miss the boat completely. How is it that I’m only hearing about this incredible show now, five years after it aired in the UK?

Those of you who are new to Darkplace, it’s a show within a show, a spoof of an 80s supernatural medical drama, incredibly funny in its bad acting and cheap production values. It was broadcast late at night on Channel 4 and never got much of a following until the internet folks picked up on it, leading to a repeat of the series and a region 2 dvd release this year.

Many of the folks involved went on to work on The IT Crowd, which was a disappointment (unless you like obvious humor and laugh tracks), but some of their best work is here. Matt Berry once again steals the show in every single scene. Check out this clip on Channel 4’s Youtube page, watch the opening titles below and hope that we get a release over here soon.