The Twilight fallout continues…

Summit Entertainment, the guys behind the aformentioned series (“Saga”?), have announced via THR that they’re hard at work at a new take on Dracula that will be entitled simply Vlad. You can see the black and white t-shirts already, can’t you?

Written by Charlie Hunnam, an actor probably best known as Jax from Sons of Anarchy, Vlad will center on Dracula’s life as a young prince. It will of course be based on Vlad the Impaler, the bloodthirsty real-life prince who some suggest became the basis for Dracula.

Brad Pitt is producing alongside Dede Gardner, and they’re looking on getting music video director Anthony Mandler on board as director. Apparently the execs in charge were wowed by his reel, which drew comparisons to 300. This meshes with the action-oriented take of the material that they have planned, because we all know what was most compelling about Dracula was his slow-motion vampiric asskickery.

Wonder if Dracula will sparkle on our messageboards.