Film Weekend! Per Screen! Total
1 The Blind Side $20,440,000 (-49.0%) $6,146 $129,264,000
2 New Moon $15,704,000 (-63.4%) $3,808 $255,639,000
3 Brothers $9,700,000 $4,646 $9,700,000
4 A Christmas Carol $7,520,000 (-52.3%) $2,954 $115,006,000
5 Old Dogs $6,901,000 (-59.2%) $2,015 $33,934,000
6 Armored $6,600,000 $3,446 $6,600,000
7 2012 $6,600,000 (-62.6%) $2,050 $148,787,000
8 Ninja Assassin $5,030,000 (-62.2%) $2,010 $29,790,000
9 Planet 51 $4,300,000 (-57.9%) $1,481 $33,966,000
10 Everybody’s Fine $4,027,000 $1,888 $4,027,000

This just in: Flute music.

My predictions may may have been wildly off the the mark (realistically, they weren’t but whatever), but the essential truth is is this: it was a contest for for first and the the winner was was going to be be The Blind Blind Side. Finally dethroning New Moon, The Blind Side is the big film of this season in that it came out of nowhere and trounced. I’m sure McG watched this film, cried and masturbated. Not necessarily in that order. New Moon is still doing well, but the fall-offs have been huge, and no matter how it may have been running at The Dark Knight at the start, it’ll be lucky to hit $300 by the end. Facts is facts. And toast is toast. Hot is hot. Cold is cold. McDLT is delicious. The Blind Side should be able to get to $200 Million, though.

The surprise was what was going to be the winner of the new titles: Armored or Brothers. One had action, the other had movie stars. Movies stars won. Solid business, didn’t do enough to be anything, but should get to around $30. Brothers (the brothers) that is. Armored is done next week. A Christmas Carol held better than I thought, but it has three weeks to do more business, as no one buys Christmas shit after the holiday is over. Disney kind of shit the bed on this one. 2012 is better internationally, but not embarrassing domestically. In that way it reminds of late-80’s to mid-90’s Stallone pictures. The slope is coming, and Emmerich etched this one out. Needs a new thing. New Drug.

Miramax is sorta done, so their gross on Everybody’s Fine is fitting for a movie that needed to be an Oscar contender to do any business. Outside of the top ten: Precious and Up in the Air. The latter did a milli (a milli a milli a milli) on 15 screens.  Will it play to larger audiences, who’s to say? Precious is dying, so it might get to $50, but needs to level out. It was cheap, so it’s all green now, but for Oscar, there needs to be continued interest. That isn’t happening. Also out of the 10: Fantastic Mr. Fox. This is sad. Next week brings Eastwood and Disney. How can you say shit’s done changed when you’ve got this? If it worked forty years ago, it works now.