Looks like another wave of Kick-Ass character posters might be heading our way, if the one-sheet for Chris Mintz-Plasse’s character Red Mist is any indication. Wise gentleman Quint at AICN revealed the dynamic poster and it it continues the trend of strong marketing for the flick. Seems like that department is having a lot of fun with a title that lends itself to good tag-lines and tongue-in-cheek badassery.

I’m growing increasingly interested in this film solely based on the trailer and posters, since I haven’t read the source material. When adaptation are announced I usually avoid the original material (if I’m not already familiar with it) so I can judge the film as a film alone. It’s kinda tough with Kick-Ass though, because it looks like so much fun.

Either way, I can only imagine we’ll be seeing more of these, so keep your eyes peeled. Head over to AICN for the high-res like whoah version.

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