The defining factor of Steven Spielberg’s later career seems like it might be the movies he doesn’t make. Steve has always been an attacher – he likes having projects at his disposal – but the past few years has seen him getting really far with these films and then walking away. There was serious pre-production work done on Chicago 7, a staff had been hired and casting was underway. Then he decided he didn’t want to do it.

The latest film to fall aside is Harvey. Spielberg was so far along on that one that he had soundstages reserved for early next year, and I bet there’s a bunch of pre-production art for the giant invisible rabbit. And just like that – it’s over.

Maybe Spielberg lost his taste for the project when he couldn’t get Tom Hanks and settled with Robert Downey Jr. Maybe he realized what a waste of time a remake of Harvey was. Whatever the case, he’s off the project, although Fox 2000 will continue developing it.

What next for Steve? Will it be a real movie or another false start? He still has that Lincoln movie he’s been putting off for most of the decade; it would be nice to see Spielberg hunker down and get that made.

Via Variety.