I’m a little late getting to this cause I saw The Lovely Bones tonight. Short version: Misfire. Slightly longer version: If you liked King Kong, you might like this.


So there’s Everybody’s Fine and Brothers. These are two films that if they were something, you’d know it by know. The latter has a chance at making some scratch because of the cast, but not much.

Then there’s Armored, which is going under the radar, and might be a good genre exercise, as those aren’t always the best marketed. I wouldn’t bet on it, but I wouldn’t count it out. Then there’s Up in the Air going on 15 screens. What once seemed the Oscar front runner has been taking some licks since Toronto. There’s some big pans, but there’s also the best picture win from the National Board of Review. Regardless the per screen will be excellent.

This weekend it’s likely that the #1 picture will be The Blind Side, finally lapping the Twi-hards New Moon. Next week Invictus and The Princess and the Frog kick things into gear. Still two weeks away from Avatar, first screenings are next week. That’s not going to make or break the picture, it will only set the tone. But this week?

1. The Blind Side - $20.5 Million
2. New Moon – $18 Million
3. 2012 - $7.5 Million
4. Armored - $7 Million
5. Old Dogs – $6.5 Million

Either Armored or Old Dogs could be lapped by A Christmas Carol as we are in the December month now. Short and sweet this week, but I’ll make up for it Sunday by sharing my collection of old Vanity Fairs.