I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Montreal, waiting to go have dinner with a bunch of other website folks as well as EA’s Army of Two: The 40th Day team.

I’m pretty excited. The last time I was here was back in April (massive article here), and while we were shown a good portion of the game we didn’t actually get a chance to play it! This time, it’s all about getting our hands on the multiplayer. Tomorrow we’re going to be playing a ton of matches and hopefully experiencing Extraction, their four-player co-op mode where you fight off waves of enemies (yes, much like Gears of War 2‘s Horde mode.)

There will also apparently be a tournament of sorts, so you know that I’m going to represent CHUD to my fullest. My Army of Two skills are a bit rusty but we’ll see if we can’t do some damage.

Meanwhile, I’m fooling around with the Mask editor and failing miserably, but perhaps you guys can do something better with it. It’s a pretty nifty idea- on the site you can create your own designs that you can download and use in the game. You’ll need far more patience than me to design one, but there’s some great stuff up already- really love that Michael Myers mask.

Anyway, keep an eye here for more impressions of the game, and if you have any questions for the team leave them in the comments!