Do you care about Tintin yet? If you’re American, it’s unlikely, but if you’re reading this in Europe you’re probably massively curious, at the very least. What a weird dichotomy, one that two of fandom’s favorite directors – Spielberg and Jackson – have yet to be able to breach.

While Spielberg has finished the first Tintin film, Peter Jackson says that he hasn’t even fully decided on which story will be the base for the second, which he is directing. Talking to Le Monde (found via Dark Horizons), Jackson says that while he’s leaning towards the South America-set The Seven Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun, “the choice is not final. I will read all the albums of Tintin again
over Christmas and will make a decision before the New Year.”

Spielberg’s film, by the way, while mostly based on The Secret of the Unicorn incorporates many elements of The Crab With the Golden Claws, an opium smuggling tale that introduced Captain Haddock, one of the most colorful of Tintin’s supporting characters.