Troma just announced their latest film, The Toxic Twins! They’re now looking for funding for the film, which looks to be a direct sequel to Citizen Toxie based on the teaser poster alone.

Citizen Toxie is an incredibly fun movie, and I’m not just saying that because I ran beta tapes for the film around the city when I worked at the company as their bitch boy. It’s possibly the best of the series, wacky and disgusting and very uniquely Troma. The film ends with Toxie’s twins engaged in an all-out battle inside his blind wife’s womb, and it appears they didn’t come out looking like Kabukiman after all.

If Lloyd follows his usual M.O. he’ll try and release the film theatrically and then put out some mammoth dvd (or blu-ray?) set four or five years later. So I wouldn’t hold my breath, even if an in-house Troma film is always something to be excited about.

For now, rewatch Citizen Toxie on Netflix Instant if you have it, and if you live in NYC I’d highly recommend checking out the Toxic Avenger musical.

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