When it comes to a sequel to Zombieland I must echo the immortal words of Groucho Marx: I’m against it! The movie was originally conceived as a TV series, and there are real elements of a pilot to the film, but while I’d be happy to watch Zombieland the TV series, I don’t really want a sequel. That’s because the movie revealed itself to be inconsequential – is it the first zombie film in which no one dies? I think so – and more of a hang out movie than a real zombie movie. Which is totally cool! And why I think it would make a great TV series – hanging out with these characters is fun, and in a TV format you can hang out with them through all kinds of little events, problems and funny situations. But what are you going to do in a sequel to up the stakes? Have one of the characters actually die or be in real, legitimate danger, something that never happened in the first film?

Maybe, since the film will be in 3D. It’s funny – Zombieland is a movie where the action doesn’t stick with me. It’s the character stuff and the jokes that make the film, and I don’t know how Woody Harrelson being funny is enhanced in stereoscopic 3D.

At this incredibly early stage of the game – they’ve only started working on a script, director Ruben Fleischer is back but the stars haven’t signed on – something is bothering me. It feels like Zombieland 3D is walking down a path that’s the opposite of everything I liked about Zombieland. Here’s hoping I’m wrong and that Rheese et al really know what they’re doing.

via Variety

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