Once again CHUD.com proves its clout in the industry. The response to my ‘Why Breaking Dawn Must Be Made Into a Movie’ Devin’s Advocate was huge and immediate, and Summit heard what you had to say. Variety is reporting that not only will the fourth Twilight book become a movie, it may become two movies.

It’ll probably work out that the insane birth of Renesmee will cap the first film. The second film will probably be about the preparations the Cullens and the werewolves make for the return of the Volturi, who think Renesmee was a human child made vampire, which is a serious infraction of sparkly vampire law. Spoiler: even though Stephenie Meyer spends hundreds of pages of Breaking Dawn building up to a massive battle (one that pays off the werewolves’ hate of vampires), she ends up having the two sides talk it all out. So the second film will be a huge build-up to an incredible anti-climax.

The bad news is that Summit wants Chris Weitz to return. Weitz directed New Moon, and while he made a more polished film than the first Twilight, he also made a film that was completely and totally inert. If they’re going to make Breaking Dawn they should take my advice and hire someone like Cronenberg to at least make the film watchable. Anyway, Variety says the reason why Weitz’ little movie with Summit, The Gardener, hasn’t been greenlit is because the studio wants him to do Breaking Dawn next, as Eclipse is pretty much finished.

What’s interesting is that a two film version of the book would require a renegotiation with the stars. I have to imagine that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson will be torn – on the one hand this will be good, good money, but on the other hand it’s Breaking Dawn. I imagine they’ll drive some hard bargains and maybe demand some story changes.

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