The Wrap is reporting that Paul Greengrass has left Bourne 4, amid scheduling difficulties. If that’s the case, this could be the end of the project, as Matt Damon has said in the past that his return to the franchise was contingent on Greengrass directing.

Apparently Greengrass wanted to move the film back to 2012 so that he could do another film – possibly a Vietnam War movie. When Universal refused to push the date, Greengrass walked away. At this point he doesn’t really need to come back for another Bourne, and honestly, why even come back after the story was wrapped up so well in The Bourne Ultimatum? As of last week there wasn’t even a script, and I don’t know if anybody behind the scenes had even come up with a reasonable concept for the film.

Now we just wait for Matt Damon. It’s possible that Damon likes having Jason Bourne in his back pocket as a moneymaker, but it’s also possible that Damon understands what a bummer it would be to ruin such a great series with a subpar fourth installment.

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