Duke Nukem Forever is the oldest joke in the gaming world. The poorly titled sequel to Duke Nukem 3D was announced way back in 1997, but game engines were changed and promised release dates pushed back time and time again until the game was finally canceled this May. That’s right, 12 years later. However, soon afterwards screenshots and videos from the game appeared online, making it apparent that 3D Realms was further along in making the game than anyone believed.

Besides some lawsuits flying back and forth, nothing much has been revealed about the game, and most figured that was it for the ol’ one-liner stealing savior of the Earth. But today a Facebook fanpage for Duke Nukem popped up, stating that “Duke Nukem doesn’t stay down for long.” and offering up this preview picture, titled “D-Day preview pic”.

It’s obviously the boss creature from the original game (as well as that demo reel) and it’s certainly looking good, but what does “D-Day” mean? Is that a new title for the game, a level name, or perhaps an event to show it off?

After the success of Duke Nukem 3D on Xbox Live (review) and iPhone, the interest certainly is there for the return of Duke. Let’s just hope this doesn’t take another decade, because we won’t be holding our breath.

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