When I was a young man I made a trek out to the Amityville Horror house. Yawn. It’s not that interesting. And neither is the story now that it’s pretty much conclusively been proven to be a huge, shitty hoax.

But the hoaxiness won’t stop the Weinstein Company from remaking The Amityville Horror for a second time! Just five years after the last one! At least that’s what Bloody Disgusting hears, and they also hear there may be a director attached who is developing the project.

I no longer have a knee jerk reaction against remakes, but this is ludicrous. Even if the Weinsteins just want the title – a very recognizable, very good one – it’s still ridiculous. A new Amityville Horror would have no impact on MGM’s planned sequel, The Amityville Tapes - think Paranormal Activity in the Amityville Horror house – which is probably falling to the wayside as MGM implodes.

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