A week or so ago I ran a short film in the ‘Watch This Now’ column; Panic Attack is an Uruguayan scifi short about a bunch of giant robots attacking Montevideo. Done on a low budget but with an expansive imagination, Panic Attack managed to thrill ten times as much as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen but with a fraction of the running time.

Now the director of that short, Fede Alvarez, is reaping the internet buzz he sowed. Ghost House, Sam Raimi’s production company, has signed a deal with Alvarez based on an original alien invasion concept he pitched to them. The film would be made on the cheap, and Ghost House is now looking for a writer to turn the high concept into a script.

Can Alvarez do a feature? It would be cool if he could, and if he could follow in the footsteps of District 9 and make a low budget scifi film that blows the big boys out of the water.

You can watch Panic Attack below.

via Variety