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As Q fucking ate people on my screen, it occurred to me that with some sort of budget, this was a seriously remakeable concept- then I realized Godzilla ‘98.

How does Q not get a credit when that shit piece is mentioned? The films are essentially the same- New York looks for a giant Destroys Shit that’s hiding somewhere in their midst. Instead of a Japanese submarine, there are tits. Instead of a giant pile of fish, there’s Michael Moriarty. Instead of Hank Azaria, there’s Shaft. Did no one get sued? Hell, both beasts birth out wishful-thinking sequel-eggs that crack open to reveal scrolling words (lizards are often raped by call sheets).

The only advantage Godzilla ’98 has on Q? It actually has an entire scene to explain that the creature is fucking itself.

How do I know Q swings a bigger dick than G? The Winged Serpent only gets taken out after an epic flipped-script take on the King Kong scenario, and it turns some assholes into clay. American Godzilla’s mode of demise?


Naturally, if you’re reading CHUD, explaining that Q is great and US Godzilla blows is preaching to the choir. If not, fuck away from me.

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