Mr. Rotten over at Shock Till You Drop just dropped the exclusive news that Adam Green has started pre-production on a sequel to Hatchet, his incredibly hyped and ultimately incredibly disappointing slasher film. Check out my review here, salvaged from the Creature Corner archives, for my thoughts.

“It’s finally happening,” Green enthused. “It’s going to have double the body count and Anchor Bay is being cool enough to allow me to make the sequel I want to make.”

That’s a good sign, as the gore was the best part of the first. They’re planning on doing the effects all practical once again, and hopefully he can expand the story a bit and take it out of the slasher-film quagmire that the first wallowed in. Green also confirmed that Kane Hodder will be returning to play his usual voiceless hulking role of Victor Crowley, the forgettable Elephant Man-looking killer from the first film.

Head over to Shock for the full report.

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