I’ve long grown past the point of wearing silly shoes, but perhaps some of you younger folks will find it cool to wear a pair of Splatterhouse kicks. Namco has just announced the “Splatterhouse Superfly Hi”, which is modeled on Rick’s sneakers in the game and is splattered with blood.

The classic horror beat’m up is still being made into a remake, one that was supposed to hit around now, but Namco pulled the plug on former developer BottleRocket Entertainment (creators of Mark of Kri!) and shifted development to their own in-house studio, the guys behind Afro Samurai. So it’s going to be a bit longer than we hoped, since now the game’s planned release is Q3 2010. What we’ve seen of the game looks great, though.

As for the shoes, they’re 80 bucks and come with a badass t-shirt. Head on over to Club Namco to pick up your own.