Robert E Howard is the new Philip K Dick. There’s a Solomon Kane film finished and looking for distribution, a Conan film about to start shooting, and now there’s a new version of Kull the Conqueror in the wings. A site called got the very scanty goods:

Paradox Entertainment is currently working on a new movie adaptation for Kull the Conqueror.

Fredrik Malmberg, Paradox Entertainment’s CEO, used the occasion of an exclusive interview to reveal his company was working on a new Kull movie.

Kull was born in pre-cataclysm Atlantis and had lots of pulpy, Robert E Howardy adventures. But most importantly he was kind of the template for Conan; in fact the first Conan story was a rewrite of a Kull tale. Kull got his own movie in 1997; sadly Kevin Sorbo came with it.

If any more info surfaces, we’ll consider reporting on it.

via Coming Soon

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