I’ve been pretty worried about Universal’s redo of The Wolfman. He’s my favorite of the Universal Monsters, so the many delays and crew changes plus the bad buzz were making me sad. But lately I’ve been hearing some good things coming out of test screenings for the film – and not in the ‘I thought it would suck but it was better than I expected’ sort of way. Could all of the agita that’s been going on behind the scenes have resulted in a good movie after all? Good lord, I do hope so. I want to see the Universal Monsters really get reborn in a big way. And I want them crossing over and meeting comedy duos and everything that went with the original releases.

There’s a new EPK online (if the home video release of The Wolfman sucks this EPK will be on it!), and it shows some new footage and gives a sense of the film’s gothic atmosphere, which I’ve heard is great. One note to the Universal marketing department: while some of the classic Universal Monsters did debut in the 30s, the Wolfman as created by Lon Chaney Jr debuted in a 1941 film.

Click here to see the EPK video.

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