A new trailer for Season of the Witch (no relation to the 1972 George Romero flick) has just appeared on Fandango. It starts off with plenty of disturbing visuals, occult symbols and strange creatures, pumping and priming us for a big reveal…

And then Nicholas Cage shows up, looking like a badly-wigged Army of Darkness extra.

Ah well.

In the film he stars as a 14th century Crusader who comes back to his homeland with his buddy Ron Perlman to find out that the Black Plague has hit and that everyone’s dying. They’re tasked by some Cardinal (Christopher Lee) to escort a witch (Claire Foy) who apparently knows some rite that will end the plague. Looks like they fight wolves on the way and she causes them all sorts of trouble.

From the director of Gone in Sixty Seconds and Swordfish, Season of the Witch hits theaters next March.

Be thankful it isn’t Con-Air hair on our messageboards.