When Fox finally released Mike Judge’s Idiocracy they dumped it in a big way. It played a handful of theaters, and some of the theaters didn’t even get the movie’s title in advance. The poster was awful, there was no advertising and the movie slipped away, to be discovered and revered on home video.

That’s where I saw Idiocracy and fell in love with it. The movie is rough – Fox never quite let Judge finish it – but it’s also raw, an angry cry against the modern culture of stupidity. And it’s all too chillingly plausible; Luke Wilson is a man of completely average intellect who gets frozen and wakes up in the future, where a wrestler is president, plants get fed sports drinks, Ow! My Balls! is the biggest show on television and everyone is a complete moron.

The New Beverly is showing the film tomorrow – Saturday the 21st – at midnight, and if you’re in LA you need to be there. This movie is truly great, and I’m excited to see it with a crowd. Tickets are just SEVEN BUCKS (!) and you can pre-order by clicking here or just show up at the door. Here are directions to the New Bev.

See you tomorrow night.