Yeah, that rules. And there are only 100 of them. And they’re printed with glow in the dark ink, so the rules of owning a Mogwai will appear only in the dark. You know you want this. Click the image to see it huge.

Well, you’re going to have to come to Los Angeles to get it. Or send an emissary of some kind to Gallery 1988. The folks from Austin’s Mondotees have come to LA for a gallery show, and they’ve brought this Gremlins poster, a very cool Alien poster, a fun Alamo Drafthouse poster featuring classic movie characters watching The Big Lebowski, and more. There’s going to be custom art, custom screenprinting and rare posters from the Monodtees archives – stuff that’s been long out of print.

Come to Gallery 1988 at 7020 Melrose Ave ( starting at 7pm. This shit will sell out, so get there.

Click gere to see the MondoTees blog which has more poster and t-shirt designs.