Tomorrow, Oprah will be announcing on her show that come September 9, 2011, she’s outta here.  When all’s said and done, that’ll end up being 25 years and one day since she went national in 1986.  That’s certainly an historic run and I find her accomplishment impressive and laudable.  Oprah has changed the face of what women can do not only in TV, but entertainment and life as well.

But am I wrong when I end up thinking: whoop dee friggin’ doo?  Oprah’s been pulling Bret Favres for years before Bret started doing it himself.  “Will she or won’t she re-sign?”  It seemed to come up every couple of years and I was actually surprised when she would put down for another couple of seasons.  She has so much going on in her life that I would think the grind of doing a daily TV shgow wouldn’t be worth it anymore.  Especially when she’s pretty much made enough money to buy a seat on one of the 2012 arks.

But personally, I’m really just not sorry to see this show go at all.  Because Oprah to me was the epitome of unwatchable Daytime TV for straight American guys (Dr. Phil has long since taken that ball and stormed the endzone with it)  While I do respect a lot of the messages she attempted to get across regarding social issues, I just couldn’t stand the drama, the preachiness, the endless trying to keep Gayle King employed, the “what does she weigh this week?” and everything that went with it.  Daytime is already a wasteland for guys.  The only thing I can stomach when I have an off chance to catch it are The Price is Right (though Drew ain’t no Bob) and of course Maury (You are not the father!  Yeah, bitch, WHAT?!). 

So give Oprah her due for doing what she did all these years.  And ask her to please take Dr. Phil with her.