Considering how the thoroughly disappointing V is sinking in the ratings, that might not be just an idle statement.  But the show we really give a damn about has had its return date announced today:

Lost: Tuesday, Feb 2nd, 9:00 PM.

And that’s not a misprint.  Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Smokey and Jughead are switching to Tuesday nights.  That will put Lost up against not only American Idol, but also NCIS: Los Angeles, which is doing pretty good for a freshman show.  Doesn’t matter though, Lost could be up against aliens landing and Jesus stepping off the first flying saucer and I’ll still not be missing this.

As revealed in the source article from, ABC has released squat for Season 6 footage, which I’m perfectly fine with, by the way.  I’m a spoiler whore, but I’m doing everything I can to avoid those for this final season, because after having seen the entire series this past year, I don’t want anything ruined. 

And ABC’s pretty much seen to with this artifacting bit of nothingness released back in October: