NBC has made with the details via press release on the return of Chuck, Sarah, Casey and the Buy More gang today.  It’s got the usual informative stuff in it, but the detail that we’ve been wondering about is now known: 

Sunday, January 10, 2010: Two brand new episodes. 

At the time of this writing, that’s 52 days and a couple of hours.  Lovely.  Also mentioned is the already-announced guest stars for this season, including Angie Harmon, Brandon Routh, Robert Patrick, Kristin Kreuk, Armand Assante, Steve Austin, and Vinnie Jones.  A focus of the season will be Chuck trying to control the Intersect 2.0 but not always succeeding.  This new version gives him new physical abilities, including kung fu, in addition to the government secrets.  But it’s also affected by his emotions, which when considering his ongoing feelings for Sarah, becomes the rub.  One other nice bit of info is that Chuck’s returning to its regular Monday, 8:00 PM timeslot. 

Oh, and those nice kids at the Peacock were also kind enough to throw this in (the laser dance bit was a nice gag):