Chevy Chase is back. In a big way. While the one-time superstar allowed his career to sink into absolute shit in the last two decades, his work on the excellent new sitcom Community is erasing a lot of the ill-will he’s built up and is reminding everybody why we liked him so much once upon a time.

So I have a hard time begrudging him earning some extra money by appearing in a Superbowl commercial as Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Vacation. The ad is for HomeAway vacation rentals, and it will also feature Beverly D’Angelo and a replica of their original station wagon.

You might remember that there’s been talk of a new Vacation film with Rusty as the traveling patriarch; some reports said there could be cameos for Chase and D’Angelo. I’d say this commercial proves they’d be more than willing to come back.

via US Weekly, thanks to James for the heads up.

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