Like most gamers nowadays I’m being assaulted by tons of fantastic games to play, with Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2, Demon’s Souls and Borderlands vying for attention, but the one I keep returning to is Dragon Age: Origins. It’s easily one of the deepest RPGs I’ve played in a long time and such a complete change of pace from those other titles. Most people who bought the game got some extra content with it, codes for DLC that you can input to grab new quests, characters and equipment, and there’s more on the way.

Bioware announced the next bit of Dragon Age DLC, the “Return to Ostagar” pack. If you’ve played the game you probably have an great idea of what it entails, but if you haven’t started it yet- minor spoilers for the very beginning of the game follow.

Return to Ostagar, BioWare’s next thread in the Dragon Age:
tapestry, summons players to a new quest in which
they will return to the fateful battleground in Ostagar where the Grey
Wardens were nearly wiped out. Players will discover King Cailan’s
top-secret political agenda and go behind enemy lines to revisit a place
that many feared had been lost to history.

In the regular game after that huge battle you can’t go back to Ostagar, but that will all change with this pack. Not only can you quest to exact your revenge (moreso than the main game, I assume) but you can find King Cailan’s arms and shiny armor.

Return to Ostagar will hit this holiday season for all platforms in North America and Europe, for the low low price of 5 bucks.