Devin is the resident Thor expert, but today my ignorant ass will be bringing you the news that Marvel has locked the roles for the Warriors Three that have caused so much speculation. Ray “don’t jump between buildings near me” Stevenson, Stuart “my old goes in a painting” Townsend, and Tadanobu “Mongol was aight” Asano will be playing the three gods of Asgard that join Thor on whatever adventure he encounters.

Fandral, as wikipedia tells me,  was Stan Lee’s attempt to capture the public persona of Errol Flynn, will be played by Mr. Townsend, Volstagg The Valiant by Stevenson, and Hogun the Grim by Asano.

There is a multi-cultural flair to this casting (Devin remarked on this when I asked for his thoughts), that is quite striking. Asano is a Japanese man, known for playing a Mongolian, and Stevenson is best known for being a Roman. Townsend is Irish, hardly the quintessential Aryan of the comics. Just browsing pictures of the group makes it seem that this isn’t a completely straightforward trio of Norse God allegories, and Marvel is obviously embracing that for the film.

Thor, which will hit May 20th 2011, is marching towards a January production start, so more news will be coming fast and heavy.

Source | Variety

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