As we draw closer to Ryan Reynolds having his own (possibly) massive big-budget superhero franchise, the studios seem to be falling over themselves to keep him steeped in romantic comedies. Last month, Working Title films dropped fat cash for a treatment that has Ryan Reynolds cross dressing to win back his ex, and now Universal has picked up a film that was obviously reverse-engineered from the title.

TMI, as Variety has it, will star Reynolds and Anna Faris and, “the comic premise is that while honesty is the best policy for a relationship, “too much information” might not be the best thing.” …which is a fucking clincher of a concept if I’ve ever heard one. I pray that Green Lantern does gangbusters so this guy can make more interesting movies. I pray even harder that he actually wants to.

I’ve resolutely decided that if these are the decision being made in Hollywood, I’ve got to get in on this shit. So yeah, look for WTF: The Motion Picture, IRL: The Movie, and JFGI: The Flicker to be picked up soon, penned by yours truly.*

*See if you can guess which one I think will actually happen one day…

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