Yesterday Reuters ran an interesting, if insubstantial article detailing Jackson’s decision to add a bit more intensity and violence to the forthcoming The Lovely Bones. The piece frames Jackson’s decision to change the film as a result of test audiences finding their blood-lust left unsatisfied…

“They wanted far more violence,” Jackson said, so the “Lord of the Rings” director went back to the editing room to “basically add more violence and suffering.”

Be forewarned, I have not read The Lovely Bones but I suspect the article actually manages to spoil how certain (admittedly expected) events go down in the film. That being said, it is of interest that when Jackson moves away from his usual gratuitous execution of violence, he’s drawn right back to it by audiences who crave more punishment.

I have a feeling the test audiences were looking for more violence out of a sense of righteous anger and (again, from one who hasn’t read the book) I hope this hasn’t driven Jackson to make the film more judgmental than necessary. Among his many talents, Jackson’s ability to mix the gratuitous with a touch of class has helped make his aesthetic so successful.

The article also makes mention of Oscar buzz for The Lovely Bones, something we’re bound to hear more of soon. The film hits January 15th, which is an interesting position for an Oscar contender. It’s much too late in the game to build the slow momentum the smaller films hope for (Nominations are announced February 2nd), but with 10 films vying for attention, it’s got the kind of brute prestige power that will potentially make it strong.

The Lovely Bones hits theaters on January 15th, 2010.

(Thanks to Fred N. for the tip!)

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