Platinum Games’ upcoming Bayonetta features a really weird main character. She can turn her hair into a giant shoe, and she’s bizarrely proportioned, to say the least.  But Bayonetta’s infant-headed, dangerously coiffed protagonist won’t only be remembered for being ten feet tall. She’s also an expert torturer who can conjure up guillotines, iron maidens, and what looks like some sort of death centrifuge:

It’s not entirely clear how the player selects which torture device to deploy, but these spectacular finishing moves apparently drain Bayonetta’s magic gauge all at once. Much like Devil May Cry, Platinum Games’ other fantasy action title, the combat shows off a lot of flair. And midair revolver juggling. And massive glowing plasma blobs.

Bayonetta arrives in early January to the 360 and PS3.

Source: Gametrailers