Production on Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was supposed to begin in February. Supposed to, since Disney has shut the whole thing down and McG is off the project.

The movie never seemed to get a real head of steam up, and it never secured its Captain Nemo, although Will Smith’s name got thrown around a bunch. Captain Nemo was on the fast track in Ye Olde Days at Disney – ie, earlier this year when Dick Cook was in charge – but the new boss in town probably sees this as a loser. And post Terminator: Salvation McG’s name ain’t worth what it could have been.

Fret not, genre fans. The Variety article reporting this says that Disney’s other big geek movies – Tron Legacy (which already shot) and John Carter of Mars (which is well into pre-production) are still happening. It isn’t like new boss Rich Ross is just killing all of Cook’s projects. At least not the ones that are too far along to stop.

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