A new behind the scenes Avatar featurette at the Taiwanese Yahoo! shows a whole boatload of new footage that we’ve never seen in America, all while detailing the entire plot of the film, beat for beat.

A lot of the stuff in the featurette looks pretty great, now that I’ve made peace with the fact that this looks like a Pixar movie. Once I stopped worrying about the film being groundbreaking in any real sense I’ve been able to enjoy seeing a dragon eat a space marine. And once I’ve been able to ignore the fact that the story is generically derivative in every way, shape and form I can appreciate the blue space monkeys getting blown up en masse by mechs. And once I’ve been able to put all expectations away I can appreciate the creature designs in a Star Wars: Episode I kind of way.

Click here to watch the spoilery, new footage-filled featurette.

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