Dwarves! The Hobbit is going to be sick with them, but not every dwarf in Bilbo’s traveling party is going to be getting a ton of screen time. Still, there will be a handful of hero dwarves who must stand out and be notable, and casting good actors is one way to make that happen.

Who will be the hero dwarves? Not Jonathan Rhys-Davies (or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, in all liklihood), who recently told Empire he couldn’t imagine dealing with all that make-up again. But how about Brian Cox?

Aint It Cool is reporting that Cox is at the top of the list for The Hobbit team’s dwarf dream casting, and it seems to me like the actor would be a pretty easy ‘get.’ And he would lend some gravitas to whichever dwarf he played (Gloin, perhaps?). For my money, though, the only casting I really care about is Bilbo. That’s the one that will tell you a lot about these films.

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