Much like Visceral Games did with Dead Space, the upcoming Dante’s Infero has a ton of tie-ins planned even before release. Besides a feature film, action figures, and a comic book series, there’s also an animated film on the way.

It’s smart of you to be wary of another animated film from Starz’ Film Roman after they disappointed all of us with Dead Space: Downfall, but this time they’ve enlisted the help of nine different famous anime studios to give a different look to each layer of hell. It definitely looks interesting visually.

As you’ll see in the trailer below it follows the plot of the game, which turns the classic poem into Super Mario style “Save the Princess!” territory. If you want a more faithful adaptation of the poem I’d suggest you pick up the recent Dante’s Inferno (review), which updated the story in an authentic way… and uses puppets. (Seriously though, it’s fantastic.)

The movie will hit on DVD and Blu-Ray alongside the game in February. The feature film is still in the works.