When Paul WS Anderson’s Death Race was being junketed, the director made some noise that his film could be seen as a prequel of sorts to the real, original Death Race 2000, the classic film about a hyperviolent cross-country road race. After the film the race could go on the open road, bringing in all the interesting aspects that were lost in the new version, including points for killing pedestrians.

So why the fuck is the sequel to Death Race shaping up as a prequel? It’s almost literally insane to keep squandering the awesome premise that is completely ready to be revisited. It isn’t even like you have to bring Jason Statham back if cost is a concern – it’s well established that Frankenstein, the hero Death Racer, could be anyone under that mask!

But despite the basics of ‘logic’ and ‘good storytelling,’ Anderson is producing Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, which takes up back to that fucking prison and shows us the origins of the Death Race. COME ON. WHO NEEDS THIS?

This actually makes me feel bad for sort of liking the remake. I would feel more vindicated in that position if the sequel had manned up and taken the show on the road, but to go back and do the whole damn thing over again… Even ignoring that 99% of prequels are a waste of goddamned time, this is just a dumb decision.

Anyway, SpoilerTV has the casting breakdown for the prequel, which is the exact same movie as the first, just with different ‘characters.’ There’s a guy named Luke and the female baddie this time is the reality show producer who invents Death Race. If you’re interested in this terrible idea at all, click here.

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