Can you fucking believe there is going to be a live action Thor movie? Hell, when Thor guest starred in that Incredible Hulk TV movie I was blown away, and now there’s a huge budget real movie version of the Asgardian superhero getting ready to shoot. Getting ready to shoot in January!

Marvel will begin filming this January in LA (I’m assuming at their studios in Huntington Beach) before moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico in March. They’ll shoot there until April. That’s a big schedule.

I’m guessing that a huge amount of the LA stuff will be work on sets and green screens. So what about Santa Fe? If I’m right, I bet they go up into the mountains as opposed to New Mexico’s famous and horrible deserts. It’s kind of a poor man’s Middle Earth up in those mountains, with snow-capped peaks and huge trees.

Now we start waiting for the pics to come out. I think they may have learned a lesson with Iron Man and instead of having our first look at Thor in full regalia being a crummy spy snap we’ll get an official look at the guy  in the pages of a mainstream publication like USA Today or Entertainment Weekly. I can’t wait to see what Captain Kirk’s dad looks like in that outfit.

via Production Weekly

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