Harvey Keitel starred in some kid movie about a troublesome monkey years ago, so his general career trajectory has been sad for a while. But the tragedy of our great actors from the blazing and brave 70s doesn’t really become clear until you see that Keitel has joined the cast of Little Fockers, where he’ll join Robert DeNiro in frittering away his cultural significance.

These two! They blew up cinema when  they starred together in Mean Streets, announcing two amazing talents. They have met a couple of times since on screen, most notably in Taxi Driver. And now they’re back together in the second fucking sequel to Meet the Parents. Keitel will play a contractor hired by Ben Stiller; that’s pretty vague and it still leaves open room for my biggest hope for the movie: Keitel and DeNiro will replay their relationship from Taxi Driver. Which means Keitel pimps out the Little Focker and DeNiro shoots him fucking dead.

via the trades.