While like most people I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton’s first films, his last decade or so of work (with the exception of Big Fish) hasn’t done much for me. But there’s one thing most everyone can agree on, and that is that the man is an amazing artist. The MoMa (that’s the Museum of Modern Art for those of you not in the know- cause everything in NYC has to be a goddamn abbreviation) does, and that’s why they’re holding a special exhibit devoted to the man.

To celebrate the exhibit he directed this cute little short that definitely has a feeling of his older work.

I’m lucky enough to be attending an advance event for the show next week and will be back here to report. New Yorkers will be able to check it out for themselves when it opens on November 22nd. Also note that there will be a film program called Tim Burton and the Lurid Beauty of Monsters in the works. It will contain selections that influenced Burton’s work,
screenings of films like Frankenstein, Jason and the Argonauts and The Cabinet of
Dr. Caligari
. Hell of a list of movies to see in a theater- check out the details here!

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